My Resume

3900 SW 27TH ST. APT D204, Gainesville, Florida, 32608 | (480) 626-3204
Seeking a position in the field of software engineering.
Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering May 2016 (Expected)
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL GPA: 3.4/4.0
-Received Achievement Award during three semesters (awarded to top 30% of students)
-Coursework: Principle of Computer System Design, Advanced Data Structure, Algorithm, Computer Network, Computer Communication, Java Programming
Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering June 2014
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China GPA: 3.7/4.0
-Received Excellent Graduate Student Award (awarded to top 25% of students)
Application Developer, University of Florida November 2015 – Present
• Developed applications for Florida State Agricultural and Water Managements Agencies.
• Implemented a MySQL database using workbench.
• Model: Access backend data through JSON to get encapsulated object.
• View: Use HTML and JavaScript to display visualized weather forecast and irrigation information.
• Controller: Utilized PHP and HTML to operate on data and generate the reports according to customer needs.
• Set up a test environment by configuring Apache, MySQL and PHP as a local host server.
Bit-torrent P2P Software Development (Java, total 3000 lines+)
• Designed a peer-to-peer distributed network application in which peers can share resources by acting as both suppliers and consumers of the resources.
• Implemented low-level transport protocol over UDP using socket programming.
• Accomplished lossless transmission by continuous incoming file monitoring.
• This project improved file distribution speed by a factor of 3 compared to a single server system.
Distributed Fault Tolerant File System Design (Python, total 1000 lines+)
• Developed a distributed Linux file system for commercial and large-scale information processing systems that can detect and tolerate errors during server failure and data corruption events.
• Designed a mediator server to pass client requests and fetch data using XML-RPC protocol.
• Implemented client-transparent automatic server restart in case of server failure.
• Developed data corruption repair mechanism using “quorum approach” to retrieve the correct data.
• With two methods mentioned the above, the server failure rate is decreased by 70.25%.
Persistent Storage and Cache Design for Hierarchical Linux File System (Python, total 500 lines+)
• Designed a Linux-based multi-level FUSE system.
• Developed persistent storage for system using a MongoDB “NoSQL” database.
• Implemented in-memory data structure cache using LRU algorithms for synchronization with persistent storage to ensure no stale elements.
• The system performance is enhanced by 56% using cache compared to persistent-only storage.
Implementation of Event Counter Using Red-Black Tree (Java, total 500 lines+)
• Implemented an event counter with ID and count to perform different operations on large scale of events.
• Performed operations like increase or decrease the event’s count, search and find the previous or next of a specific event using Red-Black Tree data structure.
• With the data structure, operations can be done in logarithmic time instead of linear time; the time complexity is reduced by nearly 100% on operating 1 million data.
Dijkstra Network Topology Using Lefist Tree and Fibonacci Heap (Java, total 500 lines+)
• Implemented Dijkstra Algorithm using both Lefist Tree and Fibonacci Heap data structures to compute shortest path in undirected graph of up to 5000 nodes.
• Compared relative performance of the two implementations by testing on randomly generated graphs.
Languages: Java/C#, Python, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Angular JS, MATLAB
Platforms: Windows families, LINUX/Unix families
Databases:MAMP, MySQL Tools: MATLAB, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Workbench